2006 International Nan Shaolin Wuzu Quan Championships, Quanzhou, China

The renowned Grand Master Kim Han, President of the International Nan Shaolin Wuzu Quan Union led the English and Irish Teams to the Annual Nan Shaolin Wuzu Quan Championships in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, Southern China in November 2006. Grand Master Han is responsible for Wuzu in Europe and lives in North London. He hails from the Malaysian Shizu Chee Kim Thong school of Nan Shaolin Wuzu Quan (Kuala Lumpur). He is the author of the published book one, ‘Fundamentals of Nan Shaolin Wuzu Quan’. Book two of nine is already completed and awaiting publication. The two-year Presidency held by Grand Master Han was due to be handed over at a ceremony held after the competition. The next President would be the Deputy Mayor of Quanzhou, a Master in his own right.

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