Members of Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan

(Xu Jin Dong ‐ UK / Europe / USA)

The following statement has been released by Grandmaster Han.

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I, Grandmaster Han Jin Yuan wish to make my intentions public within our own association and wider afield. I have made the decision to appoint two Joint Chief Instructors to succeed me as the Chief instructor of Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan (Chee Kim Thong) in Europe upon my passing.

  • Senior Instructor Richard Timmis
  • Senior Instructor Nigel Gilham

Both senior instructors possess the highest level of ability, technical skills, and personal moral character. Both have served the association well and have taught for many years.

Senior Instructor Richard Timmis and Senior Instructor Nigel Gilham have been selected by me to promote and teach the traditional art of Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan, Wujiquan and continue to pass on the techniques, health benefits and uphold the principles of our organization in accordance with my wishes and the memory of the late Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong.

Chief Instructor Richard Timmis will be responsible for the traditional forms.

Chief Instructor Nigel Gilham will be responsible for Sanshou and International relations.

Both Chief Instructors will maintain joint responsibility for any issues within the organization and will meet at least twice a year to discuss any problems, endeavoring to both find a solution.

I have decided that Senior Instructor Andrew Hopkins will provide assistance to Chief Instructor Richard Timmis if required, based on his knowledge and understanding of the traditional forms whilst working with me to write and publish the 'Fundamentals of Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan' volumes.

I also appoint the following;

Senior Instructors Kjell Knutsson and Peter Svensson to be both appointed Chief Instructors for Sweden and Denmark respectively. Gary Keimach Senior Instructor for California. Dr. Finbar Benjamin Senior Instructor for Alabama (Huntsville). Dr. Martin Nsubuga Senior Instructor for Norway. Tracy Gilham and Mir Abbas Ali as Senior Instructor in the (UK) and Peter Dillon Senior Instructor for Ireland.